Natural Gas

Natural Gas

We make it our business to understand cost-efficient, eco-friendly energy so that you do not have to. Part of that service is procurring and providing companies with the lowest, most market-compeitive rates possible in order to pass that savings on to our clients.

In areas with energy deregulation, consumers have an opportunity to save by choosing where they get their natural gas from in a competitive market. In a vast area of the market, we have locked in the lowest rates we possibly can in order to provide that savings to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive my bill from my utility company or from US Gas & Energy?

You will still receive your bill from your utility company as you normally do. Your service provider will typically be mentioned on the bill and your new rate will be displayed in the calculation of your bill, however it will still come from your utility company as it always has. In the rare case that the utility company will not be sending your bill, you will be notified prior to accepting your new service agreement.

Will there be any additional fees that my utility charges on my bill?

In general, utility companies charge for energy distribution, transmission, and delivery. Some companies do have extra fees that apply, such as a flat rate customer charge, and these charges and rates vary by utility company and US Gas & Energy does not have any control over these types of charges. You should contact your utility company directly to inquire about these types of charges.

Who should I contact with questions about my bill?

Your should refer to the details regarding who to contact in your service contract as these vary from state to state. If you are still unsure as to who to contact you can always contact a support representative and they would be more than happy to guide you to the best person to answer whatever question you may have.

Who should I contact about a gas leak or emergency?

In the event of an issue, always contact your utility company immediately. Most companies have specific phone lines deticated to reports of issues within their service area and trained technicians that can resolve he issue properly and expertly as to avoid any potential issue.

About Natural Gas Rates

Natural gas rates are generally based upon supply and demand in the current market. Therefore, fluctuations in supply or demand for natural gas directly result in changes in the rate for the service. If you have a variable rate service plan these rate changes are directly reflected on your monthly bill. If you are on a fixed rate plan, you will not directly see the rate changes reflected on your bill each month. This type of billing provides a more predictable and stable amount billed each month, which provides stability that many customers prefer and makes it easier to budget for the bill each month.

What causes changes in natural gas rates?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), there are seven main factors that affect natural gas prices. Four of these influencing factors are related to the supply side and relate to things such as delivery constraints and the amount of gas that is currently in storage. The other three aspects relate to the demand side such as seasonal weather changes.

Supply Factors that can Affect Rates

  • Delivery Constraints
  • Amount of Gas Produced
  • Amount of Gas Imported / Exported
  • Amount of Gas Currently in Storage

Demand Factors that can Affect Rates

  • Current Economy
  • Market Oil Prices
  • Seasonal Weather Changes
Natural Gas Rates
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