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A New Affordable Way to Cut Ties With Your Electric Company

US Gas & Energy offers an eco-friendly energy production alternative that can reduce monthly energy expense while delivering more reliable energy.

M-Trigen System

ATLANTA - Sept. 17, 2020 -- THERE is now an alternative to traditional energy service that allows companies to reduce their monthly energy bill by up to 70%.

US Gas & Energy has introduced the Independent MircoGrid Energy System to address the issue of continually climbing energy bills that business owners face each month. The on-site device uses natural gas to produce all the energy needed to power, heat, and cool any size facility.

The MicroGrid System provides reliable, constant energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy. An optional solar power system can allow for complete off-grid functionality and qualifies for additional tax incentive and utility rebates.

The President of US Gas & Energy, Ted Corbett explained that, "Electrical Rates have gone up consistently and up until recently your only option was to grumble and complain. You now have a chance to take control of your Utility Costs. You can cut your Electric Rate to As Low As 4ยข per kW. Your choice is simple, continue complaining or Do Something. You get Low Cost 24/7/365 On Demand, Uninterruptible Power if you decide to Do Something."

By combining natural gas service at wholesale rates, cogeneration or micro-trigeneration technology depending on the needs of the facility, and the optional solar power production system, Corbett has created an alternative option that he believes can make switching to renewable energy easier and be of benefit to his clients and the planet.

Many business owners want to move away from the traditional power grid but are discouraged by the initial capital required and the risk involved in the implementation and maintenance of the system. By removing these variables, US Gas & Energy has developed a solution that provides reliable benefits with little risk. With this barrier removed, companies can now move forward with confidence while reducing expense and boosting profit.

About US Gas & Energy
US Gas & Energy is a Georgia based company that specializes in creating customized energy solutions using the technology of tomorrow to create energy efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective energy options that are superior to those previously offered in today's market.

For more information about the MicroGrid Energy System visit or call 855-BE-GREEN (855-234-7336). Availability is currently limited to customers within the contiguous United States. Pricing varies depending on features and payment options selected and PPAs are available to assist with project funding.