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Our goal is to provide you with the lowest possible rate to minimize your expense. Some companies will display rates online as offers, but with the fluctuating pricing in the market we have found that is not the most effective way to find you the lowest rate possible. We have perfected an approach that allows us to strategically locate the rate and service provider that is perfect for you. Our team simply needs a recent monthly bill for the gas or electric service that you are desiring to find lower rates for and they can take that usage data prepare a report for you that allows you to see your options and select the best plan to save you money.

After submitting the form below, you will be assigned a personal agent from US Gas & Energy. Your agent will be your personal contact during the rate quote process. Your agent will use the information you submit for the sole purpose of searching our network for the best rates possible for the service you selected. Your information will not be disclosed nor sold any third party and will always kept confidentail, except for certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure is required by law or the account holder has given specific consent to do so.

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