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Cogeneration, Trigeneration, & Micro-Trigeneration

Cogeneration, Trigeneration,
& Micro-Trigeneration

What are they really and who can they benefit?

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Energy Deregulation


How it benefits you and your business.

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Price Volatility


What is it and how does it impact you?

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How Your Own Personal MicroGrid and US Gas & Energy Could Benefit You

Experience & Expertise

Commercial & Industrial Energy Systems are Our Expertise

Tailored Solutions

Solutions are Completely Flexible for Ultimate Customization

Flexible Applications

Systems are Built Specifically for the Needs of Each Client

Trustworthy Reliable Service

Maintenance & Repair Available through Skilled and Certified Technicians


Constant Energy 24/7 with No Blackouts or Outages

Increased Efficiency

Your System is Always Up Even if the Traditional Grid is Down

Reduced Expense

Lowers Your Energy Cost by up to 75%


Eliminates Peak Rates & Power Spikes


Creates a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Savings From Day One

Project Funding Available to Enable Savings from Day One

Incentives & Rebates

Qualifies for Incentives & Rebates Immediately

USA Made

System Components are Designed and Built in the USA

Our Core Values

Our team shares a common set of core values that drive all our actions...

Trust & Integrity

We strive to ensure that we are always trustworthy, ethical, respectful, and acting with integrity.


We keep in mind that we are accountable to ourselves, each other, and our customers in all that we do.


We are all responsible for making eco-friendly decisons and taking care of the Earth for future generations.


Leveraging technology & innovation to provide eco-friendly, beneficial energy solutions to our customers.

Proof by Action

The best method of advertising is customer word of mouth, so our primary focus is on customer satisfaction.

Customer Driven

Customers talk, we listen. Our decisions and actions are always based upon customer feedback.

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